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Dr. Pugalanthi Pandian S M.B.B.S; D.ORTHO; MNAMS (ORTHO); MCH (NEURO);

Pandian Bio-Medical Research Centre (PBRC) is the research wing of Pandian Advanced Medical Centre Pvt Ltd (PAMC). PBRC was started in 2011 as the research lab of PAMC. The managing director of PAMC Dr. Pugalanthipandian.S is a consultant ortho-neuro surgeon.

In his own words,

As a surgeon practising orthopaedics for thirty years, I have used fluorine in treating osteoporosis patients still the Indian government banned its availability. Also I am witnessing the sufferings of chronic fluorosis patients with cervical compressive myelopathy, who come to me for laminoplasty surgery. This extreme of utility and hazard have kindled my interest in taking up this work of optimising fluorine concentration in phosphate based bioglass so that its bone anabolic property can be utilised to create an ideal bone graft substitute.

Dr. Precila Ph.D., MSc (Zoology)

Currently working on,

Head of the Department in Zoology, Lady Dock College.

Dr. Abirami P Ph.D (Microbiology)., PGDip (Bioinformatics)., MSc (Biotech)

Projects Undertaken:

  • Molecular and Genotoxic effect of Cisplatin in Swiss Albino mice-Project submitted for the Bachelors programme in Zoolgy, (Spl.in.Biotechnology), Lady Doak College, 2008.
  • Isolation and characterization of HSC, MSC and side population cells from human adipose tissue- Project submitted for the Masters programme in Biotechnolgy, University of Madras, 2010.
  • Screening and characterization of non-insecticidal Bacillus thuringiensis strains with specific cytocidal action on human cancer cell lines- Ph.D Research project funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.


  • Periyasamy Abirami, Poornima Kkani, Chandrasekaran Binuramesh, Ponnusamy Suguna, Viswanathan Saranya, Peter Selvanayagam, Rajaiah Shenbagarathai (2015) Screening and characterization of a non-insecticidal Bacillus thuringiensis strain producing parasporal protein with selective toxicity against human colon cancer cell lines. Annals of Microbiology. IF: 0.990 (DOI:10.1007/s13213-016-1204-8)
  • P.Abirami, Poornima Kkani, P.Suguna, V.Saranya, P.Selvanayagam, R.Shenbagarathai. (2016) Phenotypic characterization of an indigenous Bacillus thuringiensis strain (B.t.LDC 501) expressing parasporin-like protein. Journal of Experimental Biology & Agricultural Sciences. (Accepted)
  • Saranya V., Rajeswari V., Abirami P., Poornimakkani., Suguna P.,Shenbagarathai R (2015) Statistical media design for efficient Polyhydroxyalkanoate production in Pseudomonas sp. MNNG-S. Preparative Biochemistry and Biotechnology. IF: 0.911 (DOI: 10.1080/10826068.2015.1068801)
  • P.Suguna,C. Binuramesh, P. Abirami, V. Saranya, Poornimakkani, V. Rajeswari & R. Shenbagarathai. Immunostimulatory effect of PHB-HV from Bacillus thuringiensis in Oreochromis mossambicus. Fish and Shellfish Immunology. 36,90-97. IF:2.674
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  • Kkani Poornima, Viswanathan Saranya, Periyasamy Abirami, Chandrasekaran Binuramesh, Ponnusamy Suguna, Peter Selvanayagam, Rajaiah Shenbagarathai (2012) Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of B.t.LDC-391 strain that produce cytocidal proteins against human cancer cells. Bioinformation. 8(10): 461-465. IF: 0.5

Currently working on,

Biological response to ionic dissolution products of various metal oxide doped fluorophosphates glasses.

Dr. Jenifa Begam RMSc (Zoology)

Currently working on,

Biological response to ionic dissolution products of various metal oxide doped fluorophosphates glasses.