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About us


Pandian Bio-Medical Research Centre (PBRC) is the research wing of Pandian Advanced Medical Centre Pvt Ltd (PAMC). PBRC was started in 2011 as the research lab of PAMC. The managing director of PAMC Dr S Pugalanthipandian is a consultant Ortho-Neuro surgeon and is in orthopaedic practice since 1984. Based on the vast experience in providing Trauma and Spine care more than thirty years started feeling the need of better synthetic bone substitutes and that laid the foundation for initiating a research laboratory by PAMC to focus its efforts in inventing better molecules which can be used as synthetic bone grafts.

Industrial Collaboration

PBRC is looking out of industrial collabration to take the good results of their research molecule to human use. Interested companies who are in the same line can contact for knowledge sharing and business collaboration to take this forward.

Brief Overview of Our Work

Stage 3

Cytotoxic Evaluation - Nontoxic nature of the glass samples were assessed by toxic evaluation in cell culture lines – AGS (Human gastric adenocarcinoma) ATCC-1739 and MG63 Osteosarcoma cell culture lines.

Stage 4

Osteo inductive nature of the glass system were evaluated by increase in osteocalcin and alkaline phosphate secretion by MG63 cell lines by adding various concentrations of ionic dissolution products of the metal oxide doped fluorophosphate glasses.

Stage 5

Since the in-vitro behaviour of the glass can be altered by the factors like surface roughness, surface energy, surface electric charge, surface stiffness and bathing of the glass by protein fluid, in-vivo evaluation was done.

Rods of 2mm diameter were pegged into rabbit condyles and calcein was injected intramuscularly every week to stain the cells creeping into the resolved glass. After 10 weeks they were euthanized and specimen evaluated after un-decalcified sectioning by SEM, EDS and CLSM studies. (CLSM Model-Fluoroview 1x70, Olympus, Tokyo, Japan – exciting with Ar Laser at wave length of 488mm, fluorescence detected through Bp 515-565 nm band pass filter)