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About us


Pandian Bio-Medical Research Centre (PBRC) is the research wing of Pandian Advanced Medical Centre Pvt Ltd (PAMC). PBRC was started in 2011 as the research lab of PAMC. The managing director of PAMC Dr S PUgalanthipandian is a consultant ortho-neuro surgeon.

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Industrial Collaboration

PBRC is looking out of industrial collabration to take the good results of their research molecule to human use. Interested companies who are in the same line can contact for knowledge sharing and business collaboration to take this forward.

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Ongoing research
  • Enhancing bone formation by osteoblastic cells : effect of ionic dissolution products of fluoro phosphate glasses
  • Conversion of melt quenched fluoro phosphate glasses into desired scaffolds by in situ polymerisation technique
  • Infection free bone cement : nano silver - antibiotic - impregnated methyl methacrylate bone cement
Future Research
  • Foam - gel casting technique to produce scaffolds based on 3d reconstruction of bony leision by computerised tomography
  • Enhancing bio- conversion rate of metaloxide doped fluorophosphate glass by soaking in auto stem - cell concentrate